Farnet put two Galician projects coastal action groups as an example to motivate the rest of the European coastline

03/07/2011 - 11:07

The marketing of new products derived of the barnacle and awareness of the importance of the tradition of collecting cockles in Anllóns are the two works selected by the European body

'Farnet' believes that both are models of "best practices" that contribute to sustainable fishing

Two projects of the Coastal Action Groups are considered by Farnet as an example of "good practice" and contribute to the revitalization of coastal areas. Farnet is a body established by the European Commission to advise on the implementation of European measures for the sustainable development of fisheries areas, within the framework of Axis 4. The two were previously approved by the Ministry of the Sea, pursued through the European program, streamline the Galician coast.

The first, proposed by the GAC of the Ria de Vigo - A Guarda, focuses on the commercialization of new products derived from the barnacle. Thus, launched in the Spanish market natural barnacle canned and pâté of barnacle with seaweed, which is used for the barnacle of lesser commercial value. The project had a good impact in our community, providing more employment opportunities and strengthening the local economic development. The group is investigating the potential of launching these new products internationally.

The second project was promoted by the group of gatherer of shellfish from the estuary Anllóns and proposed by the GAC Costa da Morte. It consists of a set of activities aimed at raising awareness about the importance of the tradition of collecting cockles in this area and improve the image of the product. Thus, workers in the cockles released the product released to the public, restaurants, hotels and shops and equipped their facilities to enable presentation and tasting sessions. Another of the objectives of this project is to increase the added value of the product through direct selling and development of new forms of packaging and presentation.

The group already sells directly to four restaurants in the area and some individuals, which can increase their income. It also produced a book of recipes to give ideas of different ways to prepare cockles and organized 15 sessions of cooking classes and tasting, attended by associations of housewives and retirees, representatives of hotels, shops and fishmongers.

The organization hung on their website goals and description of these two projects aimed to encourage local action groups to present European Fisheries initiatives of this kind. Those interested can visit the following link https://webgate.ec.europa.yo/fpfis/cms/farnet/content/project-examples.

This shows that the various conferences organized by the Ministry of the Sea with representatives of the Coastal Action Groups to guide them when they present suitable projects.

Diversification Project activities of the Association of gatherer of shellfish from the river Anllóns https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/cms/farnet/content/project-examples

Marketing Project for the new products derived of the barnacle of Mar Silleiro SL