Coastal Action Groups 2007-2013 program

¿What are the Coastal Action Groups?

Coastal Action Groups is a European program, developed by Consellería do Mar of Xunta de Galicia, which has the purpose of implementation of a bottom up strategy for the Axis 4 in the European Fisheries Fund sustainable development in the fishing areas.

Objectives and methods

The purpose is to move forward to the achievement of the European Union Treaty objectives about sustainable development and the integration of the environment in all of the community politics applied in the coastal areas.

The strategic priorities of the Operational Spanish Program for the coastal areas integrated development in the next period (2007-2013) have as the most important purpose the achievement of a sustainable development of these areas. These priorities are:

  • Keep the social economy prosperity in the areas and reassess the fishing and aquaculture products.
  • Keep and develop the jobs: economic diversification and social restructuring.
  • Enhance the coastal environmental quality.
  • Promote the national and transnational cooperation among fishing areas.

The Coastal Action Groups program ends up with the European Fisheries Fund (2007-2013) dateline, thus the 30 July 2013 every project should have been finished without prejudice to the next period programming will bet for the continuation of this program.

Search initiative

This new program pretends subsidize the initiative of projects, no matter if they are productive or non productive, that will be elected by the Coastal Action Groups (CAG), as knowledgeable of their territory needs. These needs are embodied in their Zonal Strategic Plans (ZSP). These projects will be assess according to the pointed out criteria in the Zonal Strategic Plans for every Coastal Action Group defines.

Aid and projects

The natural persons or personal entities, which present a project in one of the specified areas, can be recipient of the Consellería del Mar investment grants in the Axis-4 of the EFF.

Projects should be oriented to encourage and promote the economic diversification of these fishing areas mainly through touristic activities, commercialization trough economic promotion, environment improvement of the fishing area and the social cohesion territory boost. In any case, these projects must be technically and economically feasible.

Galicia is a convergence zone for the purposes of the European Fisheries Fund 2007 - 2013 and has allocated 40 million Euros in aid, of which the European Union co-finances 61%, the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marino 19.5% and the Xunta de Galicia for the remaining 19.5%.

In this budget are integrated the Coastal Action Groups operation and promotion expenses.

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