An improvement of conditions

One of the priority objectives of the Axis 4 is to improve the work in the fishing sector, encouraging the economic diversification, reorienting the inversions towards the touristic-fishing, cultural and environmental sector.

The objective of these regions will be maintain the population (promoting the generation take over) and get with that the long-term economic sustainability. The economic diversification will permit to improve the economic and employment growth taxes in these areas. It will also increase the worker choice ability when finding new sources of incomes.

Plan of Action

This strategy is based in the promotion of alternative economics activities, as the touristic-fishing activities (where it is necessary to act in order to facilitate its set up and the fishing organizations’ operation) and the coordinated politics about tourism and natural environment boosting. As well as other activities that permits the sector’s diversification.

In order to achieve a social development appropriate levels are also necessary the increasing of the systems that promotes the opportunity equality among men and women. It is also necessary the promotion of the multi-activity of the fishing, by means of the extra job creation both full-time and part-time out of the fishing sector and the infrastructure and services development for a sustainable tourism. Actions will carry out in order to complete other objectives as the interrelation between the professional, sports and recreational fishing or the infrastructure development for a sustainable tourism related with the sector.

Activities diversification

Likewise it is proposed to develop several scientific collaborations and the creation of specific R&D lines orientated to the economic activities diversification which starts in their own decline areas. It does also exists the need to prepare a study about the touristic charge ability of the seaboard and the natural protected spaces in order to guarantee the natural, cultural and historical heritage conservation of these areas.