The realizable activities and the ones that may take the aids which the Consellería del Mar will call for have two different kinds:

Productive Investment: activities that should favour potential profit activity for the project promoter. Generally, they could identify themselves with managerial or professional orientated projects and, therefore, they should provide with economical and financial long-term self-sufficiency. In this case, activities could reach 60% investment grant.

Non-Productive investment: the projects which do not involve the beginning or development of an economic activity and/or haven’t been attached to it. Likewise, the public interest projects would have this nature, even if they attached to or represents an economic activity, but they cannot influence the competitive systems in their territories.  In this situation, the social profitability is the project’s determinant element and it could reach 100% investment grant.

These acts will be assess for each Coastal Action Group (in accordance with explicit criteria. Both the criteria and the assessment scale of the projects will be establish by every CAG in their SZP, always respecting the orders of the Consellería del Mar and the SZP Axis-4 objectives. In order to establish them, every group should give special importance at the peculiarities of their areas.

The criteria are divide among any project applicable criteria and the complementary applicable to the previous productive projects ones.