Constitution process

The following will explain the various stages involved in the process of establishing the association and its application to conform as GAC. It should be noted that this process is regulated by an order issued by the Department of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs and only will be able to form Coastal Action Groups in this term.

The process phases are: 

Phase 1. At this stage the Consellería de Pesca y Asuntos Marítimos will initiate all necessary contacts with the institutions of the sectors defined above with the primary objective to achieve in each of the areas identified the cohesion of these and submits an application in each territorial area CAG .

Phase 2. This phase will focus on the implementation of diffusion actions; communication and disclosure by the interested associations of different sectors with the aim of detect the necessary arrangements with other entities interested in becoming part of future CAG.

Example: communication conference of the initiative oriented to release what are the Coastal Action Groups and what are their purposes, sending letters to eligible entities to take part, and so on.

Phase 3.   Following the dissemination phase and once identified the entities interested in participating in the process of association, to compete for recognition as GAC, they should materialize their relationship on by signing public agreements or commitments and start the formalization of his personality as association.

Example: In the case of partnerships, corporations, trade unions, etc., they should adopt a commitment to partnership agreement by their bodies.

In case of local government (municipal, county, etc.), this agreement should be adopted by the full report for acceptance

Fase 4. At the same time, stages 2 and 3 would be advisable to initiate the necessary actions to carry out constitution of a joint working team joint working team consisting of representatives of both entities in the partnership and technical staff with experience in management and participation in European program or local development to ensure the development of a Strategic Zonal Plans (SZP) on line with the guidelines of the order of selection of the GAC of the Department of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs.

Phase 5.As a prelude to the formal submission of the candidature, which is the final step of this process, applicants entities to the GAC will have to hold the constituent session which gives rise to the association and approve the Strategic Plan area (ETS).

Fase 6. Presentation of the candidature before the Consellería de Pesca y Asuntos Marítimos.