How to present a project?

Projects must match the purpose and coherence of eligible measures in Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund:

  1. Strengthening the competitiveness of fishing..
  2. Restructuring and redirecting economic activities, in particular by promoting eco-tourism, provided that such activities do not result in an increase in fishing effort.
  3. Diversify activities promoting multiple jobs for fishers.
  4. Provide added value to fishery products
  5. Protect the natural environment in fisheries areas, in order to maintain its attractiveness, regenerating and developing coastal villages and towns with fisheries activities and protecting and enhancing the natural and architectural heritage.
  6. Restoring production potential of fisheries affected by natural or industrial disasters.
  7. To promote interregional and transnational cooperation among groups in fisheries areas, mainly through networking and diffusion of good practice.
  8. Acquire skills and facilitating the development and implementation of local development strategy.
    Contribute to cover the operating costs of the groups.

Projects funding

The projects will be measured according to the criteria defined by each GAC for its territory in its Strategic Plan Zonal (ETS) which is found under each of the group pages.

The level of funding of projects will depend on the projects guided to:

  • Non-productive investments: in this case may reach to 100% of the Project eligible costs.
  • Productive investments: in this case may reach to 60% of the Project eligible costs.

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