Announcements and deadlines

Projects presentation

The deadline for applications will be open throughout the duration of aid by 2013, without prejudice to ensure competitive bidding required by Law 9 / 2007; grants of Galicia, the projects must be valued together on a specific date. For this reason, we need to set some dates, which are the limits to discuss the projects submitted so far, called rounds. The projects submitted later will become part of the next call.


Throughout each year there will be two dates to assess the projects submitted to date, which shall be:

- First call: until May 31 for projects submitted by 31 March, except in 2009 which is 9 October.

- Second call: up to October 31 for projects submitted by 30 September. The latter will only occur in the event of any budget surplus in the notice. In 2013 this competition will not exist, and that the proceedings must be completed before December 31, 2013.

Below is a chart of deadlines for the appraisal of projects in each edition:


1st CALL

2nd CALL


Until october 9



Until March 31

Until september 30

Aid applications that do not obtain a deserved valuation to get some degree of subsidization in a call may be taken into account in the subsequent period, provided the applicant makes an express declaration to that effect. In any case this will mean a preference as a criterion for selection.